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Surname Padden - Meaning and Origin

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Padden: What does the surname Padden mean?

The last name Padden is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic surname O’Padain. It is an ancient family name with a long proud history. The original O’Padain family derived from the Irish ‘Ua Padáin’ - the ‘son of Padáin’. Padáin itself is derived from a Gaelic personal name which is composed of the elements ‘pád’ meaning ‘brave’ and 'án', meaning 'little'.

The direct translation of the last name Padden means ‘little brave one’ which could refer to the first bearer of the name being a strong-willed individual.

The name Padden is relatively rare and is mainly found in the Irish province of Connacht. The regions of Mayo and Galway have large concentrations of the Padden surname.

The Padden name has spread around the world and can be found in countries such as the United States, Australia, and canada. The many variations of the name are Paden, Peedin, Padan and Peden.

Overall, the name Padden is steeped in history and has spanned many centuries. Whether its origins are connected with people of strong-will and determination or not, the name carries a rich cultural and historical heritage.

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Padden: Where does the name Padden come from?

The last name Padden is most commonly found in the United States, Australia, and Ireland. Over 94% of people with the Padden surname reside in the United States, with almost 50% located in Massachusetts.

The largest concentration of the name Padden in the United States is found in Massachusetts (91.3%), followed by Maine (3.4%), New Hampshire (2.9%) and Connecticut (1.3%). In Australia, the name appears most in Queensland (31.3%), followed by New South Wales (28%), Victoria (19.7%), and Western Australia (17.3%).

The name Padden originates from Irish surnames derived from the Gaelic patronymic "Ó Padáin". It is believed to be derived from the word "pád", meaning "noble". This suggests that Padden is descendant of an old Gaelic family, perhaps of nobility.

As for the Padden’s living in Ireland, the name is most popular in County Clare (4.6%) where the family is believed to have originated. Most of the other Irish Padden’s are located in County Limerick (3%) and County Galway (2.1%).

Overall, the Padden surname is most common in the US, Australia, and Ireland. It is likely descended from an old, noble Gaelic family, and today many Padden’s can trace their roots back to the three countries where the surname is most common.

Variations of the surname Padden

The surname Padden is of Irish origin and derived from the old Gaelic name O'Pádáin, meaning "descendent of Pádán". There are several variants of this surname and many spellings, including Paden, Paddon, Padon, Padin, Paddan, Padan, and Padan.

In Ireland, the surname is generally associated with the counties of Clare and Kilkenny, and is often anglicized as Padden. Padden is particularly common in the west of Clare, especially in the parish of Kilmihil, where Padden is the dominant surname and a large majority of the local population has some relation to the Padden clan.

Other variants of Padden include the Irish surname Ó Pádáin and Ó Peadáin. The Ó Peadáin spelling is the older form of the name, which most likely evolved to Ó Pádáin with the modern Irish spelling. The spelling of the Padden surname is also found in Scotland, Wales, and other parts of England, although this spelling is generally believed to have originated from the Irish variant.

In the United States, Padden family members can be found in many states, primarily those with large Irish populations. The variants Paden, Paddon, Padon, Padin, Paddan, Padan, and Padan are ubiquitous in the United States, with Paden being the most common.

A variant of the Padden surname, Paternoster, is common in parts of northern England and Scotland, and is derived from the Latin phrase, Pater Noster, meaning "Our Father". Other spellings of the PAdden surname include Pater, Paternost, Paternoster, Paternostre, Petternost, and Peternoster.

In conclusion, the Padden surname is fairly common across many regions of the world and there are a wide variety of different spellings and variants. These include Paden, Paddon, Padon, Padin, Paddan, Padan, Padan, Ó Pádáin, Ó Peadáin, Paternoster, Pater, Paternost, Paternoster, Paternostre, Petternost, and Peternoster.

Famous people with the name Padden

  • Scott Padden: former American football safety who played for the New England Patriots.
  • David Padden: American theatre, film, and television actor.
  • Robert Padden: Writer, editor and award-winning journalist.
  • Jack Padden: Former professional baseball player, played in the Major Leagues from 1906 to 1910 for the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and St. Louis Cardinals.
  • David Padden: American actor known for his roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more recently The Flash.
  • Paddy Padden: Irish Gaelic footballer, hugely successful player with the Mayo GAA team and All-Star winner in 2018.
  • Pat Padden: one of the most successful thoroughbred horse jockeys of all time, with wins in major classics including the 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby, and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
  • Michael Padden: American judge, currently serving as a judge on the Washington Supreme Court.
  • Michael Padden, Jr.: professional ice hockey player, currently playing in the Swiss National League A.
  • Trisha Padden: Australian Paralympic athlete who won two gold medals in wheelchair fencing at the 2000 Sydney games.

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