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Surname Pachmayer - Meaning and Origin

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Pachmayer: What does the surname Pachmayer mean?

The last name Pachmayer is of German origin, and was primarily used to distinguish members of the same family that resided in lower Bavaria for centuries. This surname is thought to have first appeared in the 15th century when hereditary surnames began to be adopted, and its meaning has been interpreted to be someone who lived near a path, which was likely a reference to the various pathways that were commonly used for transport in the medieval era.

The Pachmayer family today is still spread across several regions of Germany and Europe, as well as some parts of North America and South America. This is likely a result of a number of emigration movements that occurred throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Pachmayer family is noted for its charitable works and philanthropic endeavors, having established a number of not-for-profit organizations and contributed to several causes over several generations. There is also a strong tradition of service within the Pachmayer family, with many members having served in military roles during times of conflict. The Pachmayer family is also highly regarded for its dedication to education, having produced a number of noteworthy academics throughout its history.

The last name of Pachmayer carries with it centuries of tradition and an esteemed reputation within German and European society. It is a name that is associated with hard work, generosity, and a strong sense of duty.

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Pachmayer: Where does the name Pachmayer come from?

The last name Pachmayer is not overly common today, however its origins and current presence can be seen in several countries. The surname is thought to have its roots in Scandinavia and Northern Germany, where it was used as an occupation-based surname deriving from the German word “pachmaier or pachmayer” which translates to “wagonner”.

The Pachmayer surname can be found in Switzerland, where records from 1536 noted families using the name. In the U.S. and Canadian directories of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there are recorded people in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Today, the Pachmayer surname can be seen in Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Canada, with a few individuals having the last name in India and South Africa.

The largest number of people with the surname of Pachmayer live in the United States. This is followed by Germany and Switzerland, with smaller numbers of people in other countries. The majority of Pachmayer descendants living in the United States have largely assimilated into the local societies, making it difficult to trace the familial lineage.

Variations of the surname Pachmayer

The surname Pachmayer is of Jewish origin and is thought to be derived from the German and Yiddish elements of “pach” meaning “bundle” and “mayer” meaning “merchant” or “mayor”. The Pachmayer surname is found in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

There are several variants and spellings of the surname Pachmayer, including Pachemire, Packmayer, Packmair, Boh-Packmayer, Backmayr, Beckmayer, and Bechmair. These variants of the surname Pachmayer are thought to have originated from the two German words “boh” meaning “bag” and “mayer” meaning “merchant” or “mayor”.

The surname Pachmayer is also found in many variants including Pachamayr, Pachemayer, Packmayer, Packmeyer, and Boh-Packmayer. These variants of the surname Pachmayer may have originated from the German and Yiddish elements of “pack” or “pac” meaning “bundle” and “mayer” meaning “merchant” or “mayor”.

The surname Pachmayer is also found in many related surnames such as Pachovich, Packovics, Packovitch, Pachovitch, and Pachowicz all of which are derived from the Pachmayer surname.

The surname Pachmayer is found in many different languages and countries. It is also found in the United States and Canada, where it is spelled differently and pronounced differently than in its original forms. Variants of the surname include Packmeyer, Packmair, Packmoir, Packmayer, and Packmyre.

In conclusion, the surname Pachmayer is a common Jewish surname that has many variants and spellings in different languages and countries. This surname is derived from the German and Yiddish words “pach” meaning “bundle” and “mayer” meaning “merchant” or “mayor”. The variants of this surname include Pachemire, Packmayer, Packmair, Boh-Packmayer, Backmayr, Beckmayer, Bechmair, Pachamayr, Pachemayer, Packmeyer, and Boh-Packmayer, among others.

Famous people with the name Pachmayer

  • Michaela Pachmayer: German professional beach volleyball player
  • Boris Pachmayer: German second-tier football goalkeeper
  • Martin Pachmayer: German football player
  • Edina Pachmayer: Hungarian film and television actress
  • Maya Pachmayer: Hungarian fashion model
  • Herbert Pachmayer: German film producer and director
  • Edith Pachmayer: Austrian singer and vocal coach
  • Gertrude Pachmayer: Austrian artist and designer
  • Klaus Pachmayer: Austrian composer and musical director
  • Karl Pachmayer: former coding commissioner for the German BMI Federal Office
  • Franziska Pachmayer: German actress and TV presenter
  • Stephanie Pachmayer: German actress
  • Gitta Pachmayer: Austrian voice actress
  • Erik Pachmayer: Austrian musician
  • Peter Pachmayer: Austrian journalist
  • Susanne Pachmayer: Austrian TV presenter
  • Sepp Pachmayer: former Mayor of Reutte, Austria
  • Manuela Pachmayer: German-Austrian actress
  • Alexander Pachmayer: Austrian photographer
  • Marina Pachmayer: Austrian broadcaster and journalist

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