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Surname Pacaci - Meaning and Origin

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Pacaci: What does the surname Pacaci mean?

The surname Pacaci is an Italian surname which originated from the small village of Pacaci, located in the province of Caserta in Italy. It belongs to the category of patronymic surnames, in which surnames are derived from the given name of the father of the bearer of the name. Specifically, in this case, “Pacaci” is a shortened form of “Pacacci” or “Pacaccio”, a medieval Italian given name derived from the Latin word “pacator”, which means “peace-maker” or “peace-keeper”. Throughout the centuries, the surname Pacaci has been passed down and is now found throughout Italy and beyond. It is also popularly used in other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, and can be written with a variety of spelling variations, such as Pacas, Pacasse, and Pacassi. The meaning of the name Pacaci and the associated families remain strong to this day, invoking concepts and qualities of peace-making, lasting harmony, and a reverence for life and its many traditions.

The Pacaci surname is a strong reminder of the importance of family and unity, and it carries with it a legacy of the family that has borne the name for so long. Today, the name is proudly passed down through generations, representing the core values of the family that carry the name and of the region of Italy in which they originated. Through this name, families can trace their roots back to a remote times and remember the legacy of peace-keeping and harmony that has been a part of their shared history for centuries.

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Pacaci: Where does the name Pacaci come from?

The last name Pacaci is most commonly associated with Italy, specifically the Puglia region. Though people with the last name Pacaci may also be found in other countries throughout the world. This can be attributed to the large number of Italian immigrants who relocated to different areas of the world throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, a search of the Pacaci name yields records of people living throughout Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. It is more prominent in Italy, though, with records showing that there are more Pacacis living in Italy today than in the other three countries combined.

There are a few Pacacis living in various towns and villages throughout Puglia, particularly because Pacaci is the name of numerous small towns in the area. People who carry the name Pacaci may have traceable roots back to one of them, though some Pacacis may be descendants of displaced citizens from these towns during wartime.

Though the Pacaci name is most commonly associated with Italy, it is not exclusive to that country. Because of the increased international mobility of the past few centuries, the Pacaci last name continues to spread around the world, and will likely continue to do so into the future.

Variations of the surname Pacaci

The surname Pacaci is believed to have two possible origins, starting either in Croatia or in Mexico. It is a relatively uncommon surname and is relatively more well-known in Croatia, where it was believed to have originated.

The most common variant of the surname Pacaci is the Croatian spelling of the name, which is Paciak. The Spanish variant is spelled as Pacaccio or Pacacios. It is derived from the Latin “pacatus”, meaning “peaceful” or “quiet”.

In Croatia, other surnames associated with this name include Pacak, Pacakovic, Pacik, Pakac, Pakic and Pakick.

In Mexico, the Pacaci surname usually does not have any variants and is simply spelled as Pacaci. However, other surnames associated with this name include Pacas, Pacasico, Pacasio and Pacasso. All of these surnames are believed to have their origin in the Latin “pacatus”.

Famous people with the name Pacaci

  • Ilir Pacaci: Albanian footballer
  • Alija Pacaci: Albanian footballer
  • Sami Pacaci: Spanish footballer
  • Bedri Pacaci: Turkish academician
  • Sabahattin Pacaci: Turkish academic and former minister
  • Edin Pacaci: American actor
  • Mario Pacaci: Italian soccer player
  • Osman Pacaci: Macedonian football player
  • Fikret Pacaci: Turkish football player
  • Rıfat Pacaci: Turkish footballer

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