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Surname Pack - Meaning and Origin

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Revealing the Roots: A Fascinating Norse Origin of the Surname 'Pack' Revealed by iGENEA DNA Test

Until recently, I held the belief that the surname 'Pack,' my family name, was of English origin. This belief was rooted in the knowledge gleaned from family stories and assumed heritage. However, the revelations provided by the iGENEA DNA test cast my lineage in an entirely new and unexpected light. The findings illustrated that the Packs in my lineage were not originally from England, but instead originated in the lands of Scandinavia.

J. Pack

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Pack: What does the surname Pack mean?

The surname Pack is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has multiple possible meanings. Some sources suggest it was occupational, referring to a packer or pack-man who would have carried load packs from one place to another. Conversely, it may also stem from the Latin "Pacatum," meaning peace. It is also conceivable that the name originated from the old English word "Pacca," an affectionate nickname given to a peaceful individual. Some sources also suggest that it could be topographical, referring to someone dwelling near a prominent packhorse trail. The surname has many variant spellings, including Packe, Packman, and Paca. The prevalence of the name increased substantially in areas known for wool trade or pilgrimage routes where packmen were commonly employed. Like many surnames, the exact origin and meaning of Pack could differ depending on historical and geographical context.

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Pack: Where does the name Pack come from?

The Pack surname is most commonly found in the countries of Germany, Austria, The United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States. Pack is a German-language surname derived from the word "packe," which means "box" or "pack." The surname is most popular in the German-speaking areas of Europe, such as Germany and Austria. In the United Kingdom, Pack is an Anglicized version of the German surname, and has been recorded in the area since the 17th century.

In Poland, the Pack name is found in records dating back to the 17th century. Pack is also found in Switzerland, though its presence is thought to have been established through migration from both Germany and Poland. In the United States, Pack is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, a state with a large population of German-speaking immigrants.

The Pack surname is found throughout the world today, with the highest numbers of people bearing the name living in Europe. The Pack family name is associated with Germany, but it is also found in many other countries. In the United States and other countries with a large population of German-speaking immigrants, the Pack family name is also popular.

Variations of the surname Pack

Pack is a common surname found mostly in English Speaking regions. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include the following:

Pach: This variant is likely derived from Pack and is commonly found in Germany and central Europe.

Pache: This cousin of Pack is often found in Switzerland and other Germanic speaking areas.

Paak: This spelling variant of Pack is mostly associated with Scandinavian countries.

Pake: This is an alternate spelling of Pack found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Packer: This variant likely originated as an occupational surname for someone who packs or stores goods.

Pakker: This variation on Packer is common in Netherlands and Belgian origin.

Packe: This spelling variation on Pack is often found among French origin people.

Back: This spelling variation on Pack is widely common in English origin people.

Bak: This variant is found mainly among Dutch and Belgian origin people.

Beack: This spelling variant is common among German-speaking population.

Beck: Often associated with English origin people, this is a variation on Pack.

Bakker: This is a variation of Bak, and is commonly found among Dutch and Belgian origin people.

Pacc: This variant is derived from Pack and is usually found in Italy and other Mediterranean countries in Europe.

Famous people with the name Pack

  • Don Pack: Former professional football player for the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, and the New York Giants.
  • Ernie Pack: Former approaching drummer best known for his extensive touring and recording with country music legend Buck Owens and his Buckaroos.
  • Pamela Pack: A Golden Globe-winning actress who is known for her roles in Night Court, Maude, and Hot Lips.
  • Stewart Pack: Grammy-nominated musician and producer who has collaborated with many esteemed artists, such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, and Warren Zevon.
  • Dalton Pack: Professional football player for the Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers, and Seattle Seahawks.
  • Mark Pack: Former NFL cornerback and wide receiver for the Boston Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Detroit Lions.
  • Barbara Pack: Screenwriter and director best known for her work on the ABC sitcoms Soap and Benson.
  • Gwen Pack: Singer and songwriter best known for her work on projects like Anka: The Music of Paul Anka and the 1999 film The Mod Squad.
  • Kay Pack: Longtime television writer, director, and producer whose resume includes 30 Rock, Malcolm in the Middle, and Community.
  • Franklin Pack: Former major league baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos.

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