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Surname Paggel - Meaning and Origin

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Paggel: What does the surname Paggel mean?

The surname Paggel is of German origin, meaning “page” or “servant”. It is believed to have been derived from the Middle High German "pagel" or "bage" which was used to describe someone who worked as an assistant or servant of a nobleman. Records indicate that the name could have been adopted by those without a noble background who nevertheless held a position of service within a noble household.

The earliest known records of the surname Paggel date back to 16th century Germany. One such example is the marriage record of Johan Paggel of Lippstadt, Germany in 1558. During the 19th century, the Paggel surname spread throughout Europe as more and more people migrated to different countries in search of a better life.

Today, the surname Paggel is one of the common German names in various countries including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also found among the German-speaking population of the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

No matter where the Paggel surname is found, it is a reminder of a strong tradition of servitude and loyalty that has been passed down through generations. It also serves to link current generations to their shared history, allowing them to connect with their ancestors and remember where they came from.

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Paggel: Where does the name Paggel come from?

The last name Paggel is most commonly found in Greece today. According to the Greek national statistics service, in 2019 there were around 21,684 people with the last name Paggel living in Greece. The largest concentration of people with the last name Paggel is in the region of Central Greece, where most of the population are Greeks from the mainland. The next highest concentrations of Paggel are found in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and in Ionian Islands.

Outside of Greece, the Paggel name is found in countries with populations descended from Greeks and those who have migrated from Greece. The United States has the second largest population of people with the Paggel surname, with nearly 2,000 people residing in the country with this name. People with the Paggel surname can also be found in other countries such as Russia, Italy, France, Canada, and Sweden.

Though the Paggel name is most commonly found in Greece and the U.S., it is also found in other places around the world. People with the Paggel surname can also be found in countries such as Australia, South Africa, and Germany.

The Paggel name has a long history. It is thought that the name originated in the Greek island of Crete, which has been populated since ancient times. It is believed that the name was derived from the ancient Greek word “pagel” which means “stonemason”, a job that was common on the island.

Variations of the surname Paggel

Paggel is a surname of Germanic origin that has multiple variant spellings including Pagel, Piggle, Bagell, Biegel, Biegelman, Beiegel, Begel, Bigel, and Bigelman. It may also be found as a toponymic name, derived from the Germanic word “Bagel”, meaning “bundle”, which was used to describe a group or cluster of people who lived near a particular region or area. The meaning of the name Paggel may also derive from the Old German “bage” which compiled the words “bogen” meaning “bower” or “bow of an arch supported by columns”, and “heim” meaning “home”.

In the United States, the primary spelling of Paggel is Pagel. Another version of the name, Pigle and Piggle, are found in both Germany and England. England also has a version known as Bagell, with an alternative spelling of Beegel. Alternatives to Bagell include Beiegel and Bigel. Similarly, Bigelman is also seen as an alternate spelling.

In conclusion, the surname Paggel has several variant spellings and surnames of the same origin including Pagel, Piggle, Bagell, Biegel, Biegelman, Beiegel, Begel, Bigel, and Bigelman. These names suggest a variety of geographical roots originating in Germany, England, and other parts of the United States.

Famous people with the name Paggel

  • Romy Paggel: German actress best known for her role of Tahnee in the 1999 film Das Labyrinth.
  • Nick Paggel: American professional snowboarder sponsored by K2 Sports, Ride Snowboards, and Adidas.
  • Kelly Paggel: Dutch fashion designer known for her bold and daring designs.
  • Günter Paggel: German neurobiologist who is a professor at the University of Greifswald.
  • Clarence Paggel: American jazz musician best known for his work on the trombone and double bass.
  • Phil Paggel: American singer, songwriter and producer who has released three solo albums.
  • Brian Paggel: Canadian Olympic wrestler who competed in freestyle wrestling.
  • Antti Paggel: Finnish footballer who currently plays for Honka FC.
  • Katrin Paggel: Austrian singer and songwriter known for her folk-tinged acoustic melodies.
  • Scott Paggel: Australian rugby union player who currently plays for the Melbourne Rebels.

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