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Surname Pagett - Meaning and Origin

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Pagett: What does the surname Pagett mean?

The last name Pagett is believed to derive from an English origin, particularly from a medieval personal name, which is a diminutive form of the name "Page". The name "Page" comes from the occupation of a "page" or servant. The suffix "-ett" is a diminutive one, suggesting a "small" or "younger" one, essentially meaning "little Page". So, Pagett might mean a "young servant". It has variants like Padgett and Paget. While it could have indicated the profession of an ancestor, it might also have been given metaphorically to someone who performed their duties with the humility and diligence associated with being a page. Of course, exact interpretations can vary as surnames evolved over centuries and took on different forms and meanings according to regional customs and dialects. As with many names, its meaning should be considered in the context of cultural and familial traditions.

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Pagett: Where does the name Pagett come from?

The last name Pagett is mainly found in the United Kingdom today, although it has spread to other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United States. According to records from the 1881 UK Census, the Pagett family originated primarily in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Records show that the Pagett name was fairly widespread in some English counties such as Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex during the early 17th century, as well as several Welsh counties. This suggests that the family had roots their for quite some time prior to this period.

The surname Pagett also appears more recently in other regions of the world. Many descendants of the original British Pagetts have immigrated to Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world seeking new opportunities.

The build up of the Commonwealth and global trade have also seen many families of other nationalities embracing the Pagett name as well. Although it is much less common today than it was in the 17th century, the Pagett name is still found in some parts of the UK and across the globe.

Variations of the surname Pagett

The Pagett surname is of English and French origin. Variations of the name include: Paige, Paig, Page, Payge, Pagan, Pagen, Pagon, Pegg, Pigg, and Paggett.

The Irish version of the Pagett surname is Ó Peigéid. Variations on this include: Peekey, Peakey, Peake, Peegey, O'Peake, and Pergee.

The English surname is derived from the Latin words “pagus” and “paget” which mean “a rural district” and “belonging to a rural district”. It could also come from a nickname which described someone as “daring” or “bold”. The French versions of the surname are derived from “paggé” which can mean “wanted” or “desired”.

The Pagett surname is often confused with the surname of Paget, which is also of English origin. The difference between the two is subtle and many genealogy records have been known to confuse the two spellings. Some have gone as far as to suggest that the two surnames are interchangeable.

Variants of the surname Paget include: Pageot, Pagett, Pagette, Pagot, Pagetot, Paganot, Pagnot, and Pagenet. Variations on this Mason in French include: Pagatt, Pacquet, Paquet, Pachet, Pagett, and Pagot.

The Pagett surname has many variations and spellings and the exact origin or the surname is unknown. Despite the confusion between the Paget and Pagett surnames, it is most likely that the two are distinct from one another and both have different etymological roots.

Famous people with the name Pagett

  • Percy Pagett (1875-1932): English rugby union footballer who played in the positions of full back and three-quarter.
  • Margaret Pagett (1889-1982): British actress whose stage name was Mrs. Paget. She was best known for playing light-hearted roles in Alice in Wonderland, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Twin Dinners.
  • Randolph Pagett (1824-1891): English botanist and agriculturalist whose scientific contributions and discoveries led to a new understanding of plant biology.
  • Magdalene Pagett (1767-1862): English author and novelist who wrote about rural life and ideals set in the 18th century.
  • Thomas Pagett (1621-1704): English politician and dignitary who held a ministerial office under Charles II and William III and also served as Governor of Jersey.
  • Miles Pagett (1863-1928): British musical conductor, organist, and composer who was popular in the United Kingdom during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Gregory Pagett (1865-1913): English architect known for designing stately homes during the latter part of the Victorian era.
  • Henry Pagett (1757-1810): Royal Navy admiral and Member of Parliament who was prominent during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
  • Alfred Pagett (1814-1882): British soldier and political figure who was the third son of Viscount Ullswater and held a government post during William IV's reign.
  • Laura Pagett (1880-1962): British pioneer in the field of public health nursing who was both an educationist and a suffragist.

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