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Surname Pageler - Meaning and Origin

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Pageler: What does the surname Pageler mean?

The origins of the surname Pageler are thought to come from the Bavarian region of Germany. It is an occupational surname stemming from the craft of "Pagen" – a messenger or herald. It was likely first used to denote a messenger by a manor or court, and was later passed on to subsequent generations as a surname.

Pageler can be found in Germany from at least the 18th century on, but is also found in other locations such as the United States. In German records, it is most commonly found referenced to the town of Münsterberg, in the province of Silesia.

Those with the surname Pageler were once thought of as humble people, likely working under the Crown. In recent times however, members of the Pageler family have been known to take on more prestigious roles as well, such as scientists, medical professionals, and business owners.

In the US, the surname Pageler can be found with members living in states such as New Jersey, California, and Iowa. It is likely that the surname made its way to this side of the Atlantic by way of European immigration in the 19th century.

Today, the name Pageler is still a common surname in its homeland of Germany, and it is likely that many Europeans and Americans will be proud to lay claim to it for generations to come.

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Pageler: Where does the name Pageler come from?

The last name Pageler is most commonly found in Germany and northern Europe today. According to data from Forebears, the largest population of people with the last name Pageler reside in Germany, with over 1,200 individuals. Smaller populations are also found in the other German-speaking countries of Austria and Switzerland, where there are over 300 people with the Pageler surname. The last name is also quite common in the Netherlands, with more than 200 individuals sharing the surname. Additionally, there are small but notable populations of Pagelers in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Denmark, and the United States.

The name Pageler is derived from the Middle High German words “pagel” or “pagelen,” meaning “to chat” and “to tell tales.” This suggests that the original bearer of the name was likely an active storyteller or someone from a storytelling profession. It’s probable that the Pageler surname has been in use for hundreds of years, over many generations. As people moved around to new areas, the name would have spread to different parts of Germany and beyond, leading to the present day prevalence of people with the Pageler last name in Germany and northern Europe.

Variations of the surname Pageler

The surname Pageler is derived from German, meaning “a page” or “someone who serves”. It is seen with slight variations in spelling, including “Pageler,” “Pegeler,” “Pagel,” and “Pegel.”

Vari antennas of this surname include “Pagelau,” “Pagelerin,” “Poppe,” “Pegele,” and “Pegelein.” These variants represent the shifts in spelling that occurred over time as the language and its conventions changed.

In some cases, the surname may be seen as an occupational name, such as “Pegelerin” which refers to a female piper, or “Büttner,” meaning one who brewed beer.

Additionally, Pageler may also take on a patronymic form, such as “Pagelers” which means “son of a page” or “Pagelin” which means “daughter of a page.”

This surname may also be found with an “S” suffix, such as “Pagelerss,” “Pagelerssen,” or “Pagelersson.” This is a common way for surnames to be derived from a given name, and is typical in Germanic/Nordic languages.

In English-speaking countries, this surname might be found as “Pageler,” “Pegeler,” or “Pegel.” The Anglicized versions may also be found with hyphenated spellings, such as “Page-ler” and “Peg-ler.”

Finally, some derivatives of this surname may be found in other languages. For example, in French, it may be seen as “Pageler,” “Pegelle,” and “Pegelé.” Likewise, in Polish, it may be seen as “Pegieler,” “Peglowicz,” and “Peglowiec.”

Famous people with the name Pageler

  • Aram Pageler: Artist, Fine Art Printmaker & Research Professor.
  • Jens Pageler: former German footballer.
  • Luca Pageler: German singer and songwriter.
  • Matthew Pageler: Professional triathlete and cyclist.
  • Kristof Pageler: German Olympic cyclist.
  • Elisabeth Pageler: producer and screenwriter.
  • Charlotte Pageler: Actress.
  • Richard Pageler: Alumni of The Juilliard School for Performance.
  • Paul Pageler: former German defender and Paralympic athlete.
  • Werner Pageler: German actor and musician.
  • Jörg Pageler: German actor, director, and songwriter.
  • Andreas Pageler: former German handball player.
  • Gert Pageler: German Nordic combined skier.
  • Matthias Pageler: former German discus thrower and Paralympic athlete.
  • Gisela Pageler: former German javelin thrower and Olympic athlete.

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