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Surname Paezold - Meaning and Origin

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Paezold: What does the surname Paezold mean?

The last name Paezold is a German name originating from the region of Silesia, a historic region covering parts of southwest Poland and the Czech Republic. Originally, it was derived from the German word “pahl”, meaning public or communal property.

The modern spelling of Paezold was first registered in the 16th century in Silesia. Due to the region's various boundary changes through the centuries, many families of the Paezold surname eventually left Silesia and settled in various parts of Europe, particularly Germany.

Today, the Paezold surname is primarily found in Germany, where it is widely recognisable. It is also common in other countries where members of the family have previously settled. The name is often seen spelt in a variety of ways, including “Paißkepf”, “Paisold” and “Pesold”.

The meaning “public” or “community” has endured, and the surname today is associated with a sense of unity, shared ambition and social awareness. Those with the Paezold name will likely share well-rounded characteristics, such as generosity and dedication to family and friends.

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Paezold: Where does the name Paezold come from?

The last name Paezold is most commonly found today in Latin countries such as Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. In Mexico, the name most likely originated from Spanish colonists in the 1700s and 1800s. Today, it is quite common in many regions of the country, such as Guerrero and Michoacan. In Spain, the name is likely of Castilian origins, found in central and northwestern parts of the country. Likewise, the name may have its roots in Portugal, particularly in the region of Porto, where many Spanish surnames are found today.

Overall, the Paezold name spans much of Latin American countries, making it one of the most common surnames in the region. It is also found among Spanish-speaking populations in the United States, particularly in urban communities in the south and southwest. With its presence in countries across Latin America, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track exactly where the name originated from and how it has evolved over time. However, the families and individuals that carry this last name can take pride in its symbolic significance within the Hispanic culture.

Variations of the surname Paezold

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Paezold are:

Paezhold, Pauzold, Pevzold, Pefzold, PeVsolD, Pauesold, Paessold, Paezhof, Paezhoft, Paezolf, Pauzlod, Pewsold, Pfesold, Piesold, Peezold, Pïezold, Päzold, Päzolt, Päzoltz, Päzholt, and Päzhlod.

The surname Paezold is German in origin and is believed to have roots in the Middle Ages. The name translates as 'person from the pole' and was likely used to describe those who lived near a boundary marker, or a pole, which marked a particular area. It was likely used to differentiate people from from one village to another.

The spelling of the surname changed over time, based on the dialect of the area and the local dialect of the language. The same origin name was adapted based on the local language and dialect, which might explain the various spellings and variants of Paezold.

The surname is also found in other languages and countries, such as Spain where it is spelt as Paez. In summary, Paezold is a German surname, and the various spellings and variants are derived from the same origin. This surname is also found in other languages and countries, and the spelling and variant depends on the dialect and language of each country.

Famous people with the name Paezold

  • Agustín Páezold: Chilean professional football player.
  • Alvaro Páezold: Argentinian professional football midfielder.
  • Alexandra Páezold: Mexican model and activist.
  • Dominik Páezold: Austrian professional basketball player.
  • Judith Páezold: Uruguayan professional footballer.
  • Mattias Páezold: Uruguayan professional tennis player.
  • Paulo Páezold: Brazilian professional footballer.
  • Pedro Páezold: Argentinian professional footballer.
  • Ricardo Páezold: Chilean professional soccer player.
  • Rodrigo Páezold: Brazilian professional football forward.
  • Santiago Páezold: Argentine professional footballer.
  • Yair Páezold: Spanish professional footballer.

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