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Surname Padget - Meaning and Origin

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Padget: What does the surname Padget mean?

The surname Padget is of English origin and is derived from the old French term "page", meaning "young servant". This name was often given to young boys or teenagers who served as pages or servants in noble or royal houses during the medieval period. These pages would often perform menial tasks but it was also their duty to learn and practice courtly manners. The name Padget suggests that the ancestors of individuals bearing this surname likely served as pages. Over the years, the spelling of many surnames has evolved, hence today we have variations such as Padgett or Paget. Despite its humble beginnings, the name Padget is associated with a long history and individuals carrying this surname can be found around the world.

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Padget: Where does the name Padget come from?

The last name Padget is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, as this is where the name originates from. The earliest records of the name date back to the 12th century and are found in an old English document citing a "William Pasget." This suggests the name was of Norman origin.

Today, the name Padget is most common around Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire in England. As of the 2011 Census, Padget was the 2,909th most common surname in the United Kingdom. It is even recognized as a branch of British nobility, with a baronetcy granted to a few members of the family in 1629.

The name is also common in the United States where it has been adopted by many of those with British heritage. It is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio with the US census recording an estimated 1,346 individuals with the last name Padget.

The name is also present around the world in distantly related families that have adopted it more recently, including Germany, France, Canada and Australia. There is also a Padgett family famous for their long-standing bloodline of farmers in South Carolina, USA.

It is clear that the last name Padget is still relatively common today, and it continues to survive both in its original location in the United Kingdom and internationally, in countries far beyond. It is likely that the name will continue to be passed from generation to generation for years to come.

Variations of the surname Padget

Padget is an English surname derived from the Middle English word ‘padget’ meaning ‘page’ or ‘attendant’. It was often used as a nickname to describe someone who delivered messages or bore an insignia of a lord or nobleman, and later became adopted as a surname. The surname Padget is also spelled as Paget or Page, and has numerous variants including Pagett, Pajak, Pagitt, Padgett, Padgitt, and Padjett.

The most prominent variant of the surname Padget is Paget, which is the most common spelling of the name in the United Kingdom. This variant was first found in Scotland and is believed to have had a separate origin from the Padget surname. The Paget spelling is also popular in the USA and Canada, where it is believed to be a variant of the French surname ‘Paget’ from the region of Normandy. Other variants of Padget in the United States include Padgett, Padgitt, Padjett, and Pajak, which are also found in various other English-speaking countries.

The Padget spelling is not as common as its variants, and is primarily found in the United Kingdom. It is believed to have been derived from the English word ‘padgeote’, meaning ‘keeper of pigs’, and later adopted as a surname. Variations of the Padget surname include Paget, Padgett, Padgitt, Padjett, Pagitt, and Pajak.

In conclusion, the surname Padget is derived from the English word meaning an attendant or page, and is also spelled as Paget, Padgett, Padgitt, Padjett, Pagitt, and Pajak. Each of these variants are popular in various English-speaking countries, however the most common spelling in the United Kingdom is Paget.

Famous people with the name Padget

  • Selina Padget: Austin & Ally actress
  • Morgan Padgett: professional surfer
  • Jake Padget: internet personality
  • Cassandra Padget: actress
  • Jaimie Padget: professional cyclist
  • Brad Padgett: retired baseball player
  • Edgar Padgett: former professional baseball player
  • David Padget: comedian
  • Valerie Padgett: singer/songwriter
  • John Padget: professional basketball player
  • Oliver Padget: percussionist
  • Stacy Padget: former professional baseball player
  • Charlotte Padget: entrepreneur
  • Todd Padget: former professional football player
  • Joe Padget: internet personality
  • Don Padget: professional sports commentator
  • Tricia Padget: environmental activist
  • Shelia Padget: actress
  • Kenneth Padget: philanthropist
  • Ben Padget: retired NBA player

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