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The DNA profile of the Reginare

Are you related to the Reginare family?

Discover a possible family connection to the Reginare family and compare yourself to many other famous people as well!

The DNA of the Reginars

The Reginare were an important noble family in Lorraine and Belgium during the 9th and 10th centuries. They were named after their most prominent member, Reginar I. Langhals, which emphasizes their origin. The origins of the Reginars are not clear, but many historians believe that they were closely linked to the Carolingians through marriages and alliances.

The Reginars emerged as one of the most powerful families in the region, controlling many counties, including the county of Hainaut, the county of Leuven, and the county of Brussels. As leading figures of the high medieval nobility, the Reginars had the privilege of providing the Duke of Lorraine, one of the most important positions in the Holy Roman Empire.

The genealogy of the Reginare is intricate and complex due to a series of marriages and connections with other noble families. The most famous members of the family were Reginar I and his descendants, especially his son Gilbert. The latter is remembered for his conflict with Queen Richilde of Provence and his aim to obtain more autonomy for the Lorraine territories.

The Reginars played an essential role in the regional politics of their time. Their relations with the royal houses of the Holy Roman Empire and especially with the Carolingians, whom they supported, and the Ottonians, with whom they were in conflict, indicate their influences and ambitions in medieval society.

The architectural achievements of the Reginars are also of particular importance. They were responsible for the construction of monasteries and fortresses, including the Abbey of Nivelles and the fortress of Leuven. These buildings, historians argue, are evidence of their influence, resources, and taste for architecture and art.

Ultimately, the Reginare were a dominant noble family whose influence shaped the Lorraine region and Belgium. Their legacy is anchored not only in the extensive genealogy of the family itself, but also in the impressive architecture they left behind and in their role in the complex political landscape of the Middle Ages.

The Reginars belong to haplogroup R-M343 in the paternal line.

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