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The DNA profile of the Hohenzollerns

Are you related to the Hohenzollern?

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The DNA of the Hohenzollerns

The Hohenzollerns are a historically very important noble dynasty in Germany. Their traces can be traced back to the 11th century, when they served as lords of the castle of the same name, Hohenzollern, in present-day Baden-Württemberg. This medieval dynasty achieved great power and prestige over the centuries, providing the kings of Prussia and the German emperors, among others.

From a genealogical point of view, the origins of the Hohenzollerns can be traced back to two main houses: the House of Hohenzollern-Hechingen and the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Both houses descended from Frederick VI, lord of the castle of Hohenzollern, who lived in the 13th century. Over the centuries, members of these two main houses intermarried with members of other important competing noble families such as the Habsburgs, the Wittelsbachers, and the Guelphs, thus upgrading their position within the German and European political landscape.

The Hohenzollerns rose to prominence in the 18th century when Frederick III, Margrave of Brandenburg, upgraded his territory to the Kingdom of Prussia. From that moment until the deposition of Emperor William II in 1918, the Hohenzollerns remained the ruling dynasty in Prussia. Two of their most prominent members were Frederick the Great and Kaiser Wilhelm II. Frederick the Great, also known as Frederick the Great, was an enlightened monarch who transformed Prussia into a major European power, while Kaiser Wilhelm II is infamous for leading Germany into World War I and then abdicating.

Another significant figure in the Hohenzollern dynasty was the German Emperor Wilhelm I. He became the first German Emperor in 1871 and thus the head of the newly founded German Empire, playing a key role in shaping modern Germany.

After the end of the German monarchy in 1918, the Hohenzollerns lost all their royal titles and privileges. They became commoners, but retained their family name as a symbolic link to their glorious past. In modern times, the Hohenzollerns are considered one of the most famous and powerful noble families in German history. Their legacy can be seen and felt in numerous castles, museums and landscapes throughout Germany.

In a nutshell: The Hohenzollerns are one of the most influential families in Germany, gaining great political power and prestige through their skill and determination over the centuries. Their members ruled in Prussia and the German Empire.

The Hohenzollerns belong to the haplogroup I-M170 in the paternal line.

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