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The DNA profile of George C. Marshall

Are you related to the famous statesman?

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The DNA of a former defense minister

Born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on December 31, 1880, George Catlett Marshall Jr. was a senior U.S. Army officer and statesman who made his outstanding contributions during and after World War II. During his long career, he held a variety of important positions, including Chief of Staff of the Army, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of State of the United States. As the founder of the Marshall Plan, named after him, which rebuilt devastated Europe after World War II, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

In terms of his genealogy, George C. Marshall traces his ancestry to Scottish and English, with possible connections to some of the first English settlers in North America on his father's side. One of his family's earliest American ancestors was John Marshall, who immigrated to Virginia from England around 1680. Although it is difficult to find specific information about his maternal line, it is known that they had European roots, mainly of British and Irish origin.

It should be noted that George C. Marshall was not a direct descendant of the famous Chief Justice John Marshall, as is often assumed. However, both Marshalls are distant relatives and share common ancestors in the broader past. Their mutual descent from the same Marshall family in Virginia is well documented through numerous primary and secondary sources.

Marshall died on October 16, 1959, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He left his legacy as one of America's greatest military leaders and as an ambassador of peace and restoration during a time of great global turmoil. His accomplishments demonstrate not only his outstanding leadership skills, but also his deep commitment to service to his nation and the international community.

Overall, George C. Marshall was a dominant figure in the global diplomatic and military arena throughout most of the 20th century. His impact on history can be measured not only in terms of his official titles, merits, and awards, but also in terms of the profound constructive impact his policies and actions had on the international stage.

George C. Marshall belonged in the paternal line to haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I1-Z138).

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Journey Towards Uncovering My Ancestral Ties to George C. Marshall with iGENEA

When I nervously unwrapped iGENEA's DNA test kit, little did I know that I was about to discover a profound connection with George C. Marshall. The entire process was an emotional roller-coaster, culminating in a revelation that still thrills me. (L. Bojaryn)

My experience with iGENEA's DNA test processing was absolutely riveting. My anticipation was high as I unwrapped the test kit, carefully following the instructions included within. I swabbed my cheeks as directed, put the samples back into the designated packaging and mailed them back. The process was seamless, and I was particularly impressed with the detailed instructions, as well as the ease and convenience of returning the samples.

The wait for the results was a little nerve-wracking, as I was curious and excited about what I would discover about my ancestry. I was kept updated about the processing of my samples and the estimated time of arrival for my test results, which I appreciated. With each update, my excitement intensified.

Finally, the day for the reveal came. As I clicked through the report on iGENEA's platform, every detail that unfolded added another layer to my self-understanding. But what was beyond stunning was to learn that I was related to George C. Marshall. Yes, the George C. Marshall, synonymous with the Marshall Plan, crafted to restore Europe after World War II.

Knowing that a man of such significant historical importance is part of my ancestral lineage is an indescribable feeling. It has spurred me to read more about him, his contributions and his life. To think that we share common ancestors is thrilling to me. I feel a great pull towards understanding more about my lineage and the people that were a part of it.

Furthermore, my respect and admiration for iGENEA have increased due to the professional yet personal way they delivered this life-changing information. They provided much-needed support, helping me comprehend the nuances of my DNA test results. In retrospect, going ahead with the iGENEA DNA test is one of the best decisions I made.

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