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The DNA profile of the Gediminids

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The DNA of the Gediminids

The Gediminids represent a significant dynasty in the history of Eastern Europe. Originally Lithuanians, they spread their rule to large parts of Eastern Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, leaving a lasting imprint on the territories of the modern states of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Poland and Moldova.

The Gediminid dynasty derives its name from Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania, who ruled from about 1315 until his death in 1341. He is considered one of the most important rulers of medieval Lithuania. During his reign, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania reached its greatest extent and possessed a union of the Baltic and Slavic territories of present-day Belarus and Ukraine.

Several lateral lines arose under the Gediminids, including the families of the Jagiellons in Poland and Lithuania, descended from Vytautas the Great, the family of the Trubetzkoi in Russia, and the families of the Radziwiłł and the Sapieha in Lithuania and Poland, all descended from Kęstutis.

The Gediminids played a leading role in the Christianization of the Baltic States. While most Baltic peoples converted to Christianity as early as the 13th century, the Lithuanians remained pagan until the 14th century. Grove, also known as Gediminas' youngest son, carried out the final Christianization of Lithuania in 1387, nearly 50 years after his father's death.

The Gediminid dynasty ended with Sigismund II. August, the last male representative of the House of Jagiellonians and Gediminids, who died in 1572. However, the memory of the Gediminids remained alive. In the following centuries, it was mainly the Radziwiłł, Sapieha and Trubetzkoi families that preserved and continued the dynasty's legacy.

In summary, the Gediminids played a decisive role in Eastern Europe in their heyday. They united various peoples and cultures under their rule and decisively shaped the history of the region for generations.

The Gediminids belong in the paternal line to the haplogroup N-M231.

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