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The DNA profile of Birger Jarl

Are you related to the founder of Stockholm?

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The DNA of a Jarl of Sweden

Birger Jarl was the decisive unique in late medieval Sweden, whose achievements have an effect on the Swedish heritage until today. This text gives a deeper insight into the life and work of Birger Jarl, taking into account genealogical knowledge and haplogroups included in it.

Birger Jarl was born around the year 1210. His parents were Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden and Jarl Magnusson of Bjälbo. Birger is traditionally considered the founder of Stockholm and is known for his significant role in the consolidation of Sweden. Birger was one of the most powerful men in Sweden and is often considered the founder of the Swedish nation-state.

In the genealogical line, Birger Jarl and his descendants belong to the haplogroup I1, which is mainly found in Northern Europe, especially in Scandinavia. The genetic markers of this particular haplogroup reach deep into the past, with some of the oldest traces dating back to the Megalithic culture in the Neolithic period. Belonging to this haplogroup therefore reinforces the historical records and accounts of Birger and his family.

Birger Jarl became the de facto ruler of Sweden after the death of King Erik XI in 1250 and pinned the title of Jarl (Duke) on himself - hence his name. Despite the lack of formal royal power, he showed a high degree of exercise of power and greatly influenced Swedish politics and society.

One of Birger's most significant legacies is the so-called "Law for the Fryksdaler", which contributed significantly to the promotion of civilization and the protection of Swedish society. This law granted women protection from violent husbands and gave them the right to end their marriages in cases of domestic violence. This was a radical advance, especially in the social and political environment of the time, and laid the foundation for Sweden's later status as a pioneer for women's rights in the Western world.

Birger's most significant achievement, however, was the unification of Sweden. He helped create a stable political environment by protecting the country against foreign attack and consolidating various Swedish territories. Birger Jarl's role in the founding of Stockholm is often considered his most important contributions to Swedish history, as the city became the capital of Sweden.

Birger Jarl died in 1266, and his sons and descendants continued his legacy and played a crucial role in the development of Sweden. Among his most famous descendants are Magnus Ladulås and Birger Magnusson, both of whom had a strong presence in Swedish history.

The genealogy and haplogroup of Birger Jarl and his historical role in Sweden are a strong testimony to his importance. There is no doubt that his political skills, achievements, and descendants had a dramatic impact on the shaping of the Swedish nation-state, and his impact is still felt in Swedish culture and history today.

Birger Jarl belonged to haplogroup I-M170 in the paternal line.

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Using iGENEA's home DNA test, I embarked on a journey back in time only to discover a shared ancestry with Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm. The test was simple and efficient. IGENEA's detailed results and customer service made for an exciting and gratifying experience. (Q. Kotrman)

My journey into my genetic history through iGENEA has been an enlightening experience that far exceeded my expectations. As someone with deep curiosity about my ancestors, taking the iGENEA DNA test was like opening the book of my past, revealing my genetic stories from times immemorial. The moment of intrigue for me was discovering that I have a shared ancestry with Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm.

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Once my samples were sent, I waited for the magic to unfold. In a matter of weeks, my results were ready. The anticipation was high, but nothing could prepare me for the thrill of learning that Birger Jarl, the Swedish statesman credited with consolidating Sweden, features in my genetic backdrop.

The detailed result report was immaculate. It didn't merely state the conclusion; it gave a chronologically accurate account tracing my lineage back several centuries. There was exceptional detail about Birger Jarl, his life, his achievements, his own lineage, and how our paths converge genealogically. This historical narration was conducive to affirming the reliability of the test and connecting on a personal level with my illustrious ancestry.

Apart from this major revelation, I also learnt about more common ancestors and their origins covering the European continent. IGENEA kept me informed and involved throughout the journey, making genetics accessible with their simple language and helpful customer service.

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